Summer Poetry



I dearly wanted to knit something for this upcoming summer that I could proudly wear. I looked at cardigans and tunics and light jumpers until I found Poetry in Motion. I had to do my typical mental check, “I love this pattern. Do I want to make it because the pattern is perfect or because it has pretty photos?”. Needles to say, it passed. The construction was beautiful and it looked safe for someone with tiny shoulders and huge hips.  It doesn’t close in the front, so it is very forgiving.


Since it was a summer top, I wanted to try KnitPicks new Lindy Chain in Urchin. It was easy to use, but it doesn’t look like yarn. The chain in the name really describes the fibre. Based on comments on Ravelry, I decided to go down a size and I’m glad I did. It looked tiny on the needles but it fits perfectly. In the end, I used just over 3.5  skeins of Lindy Chain (just under 600 meters).

The pattern was well written, but there was just something about it that meant I kept on making mistakes. I skipped over obvious notes and didn’t make connections that I really should have. For a full list of tips and rants, see my Ravelry project page. If you decide to embark on a Poetry in Motion, here are my main tips to you:

1. Understand that you are starting at the top of the back panel (but not the collar) and will be making the arm increases as you go. The cable pattern will end up going from your collarbone to your armpit. It is beautiful and perfectly designed, but I could not figure out what went where when I was knitting. At the time, there were not many pictures showing what the bodice looked like.

2. If you choose the chain cable pattern instead of the wave cable pattern, remember that the number of stitches picked up when separating the sleeves will be different! If you are 6 stitches short, you did it right.

3. The chain cable pattern is fun and different, but it gets overshadowed in the finished project. The simpler wave pattern will save a bit of stress and will look just as good.

4. I repeated the lace pattern to the length suggested and then some, but it ended up very short. It’s cute, but not what I had planned. 3 repeats was not enough. If you look at photos on Ravelry, most people did at least 4.

Should have fixed it: I accidentally moved a decrease and forgot a yarn over, making a mess of the lace. It looked fine before blocking, but bothers me now that it's done.
I repeated the “Sun Spot” lace pattern 3 times. Yes, that is a mistake.

This is the first project I’ve completed and wanted to start another right away. I’m going to hold off until another few projects are done, but I’m going to do it again with another lace pattern. I’m a fan of leaves, so maybe a leaf pattern or even a ginkgo leaf pattern.


 Sneak Peak

This is a present for a very cute 1 year old girl. I never want to touch Sashay again.



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