It was surprisingly rewarding to pick up a project I started 2 years ago when I first started knitting. My husband wanted a tea cosy for his small tea pot and I chose what I thought would be a simple one. I had only been knitting for a couple of months and underestimate just how frustrating two active colours with a third colour jogging up the side of a flat project would be. A week ago, I was waiting on a shipment of yarn for another project and decided it was time to pick this one up again.20150628_225648

I’m not going to lie, it was hard to start. It was hard to pick up in the evening when I had a much prettier project waiting in my bag that only had ONE ball of yarn attached. But I did it and it was worth it. It was worth getting it off my mind. It was worth it to make room in my stash (says the girl who just purchased $130 of possum wool). But most of all, it was worth it to keep my husband’s tea warm this winter.

Like I’ve said, tea is a priority in our house.


Oh, brainwave. There is nothing saying this couldn’t be knit in the round, only knitting flat a few rounds for the spout/handle holes! Genius!!!

Did I just talk myself into another one?


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