Felici Magic

It’s no secret I love self striping yarn. I especially like big fat colourful stripes like Caterpillar Green’s self striping yarn. If you can get your hands on this yarn, do it. Seriously. It’s a cashmere and merino blend that is soft beyond imagination and is so vibrant, I couldn’t stop staring at the yarn the first time I saw it.

Caterpillar Green in Finger Paint.
Caterpillar Green in Finger Paint.

Another favorite yarn of mine is the (apparently*) discontinued ball of Felici sock yarn from KnitPicks. The trouble is, this yarn is hard to come by and it only comes in 50 g balls, which isn’t enough for an adult pair of socks. I wanted to stretch the yarn as much as I could, so I searched for a long time until I found Mouches. This beautiful and free pattern and uses less than a single ball of Felici to make a pair of adult socks.

Filici in Lighthouse
And now from the side.
Even the heels have lace! (Spring Mix and Lighthouse in Filici, less than a ball each)

This was an interesting pair of socks for me, because it was the first time I made German-style socks. This style uses German short rows, which require you to warp the stitches and a German gusset which goes up the heel of the sock. The results are perfect and don’t even fall down, despite being ankle socks with a picot edge.

And just to make you a little jealous, her is a picture of some more Caterpillar Green wool I snagged and is sitting in my stash just waiting to become socks.

Caterpillar Green in the colourway Concrete and Tulips.

*I say apparently, because KnitPicks keeps playing with my heart by unexpectedly bringing back small, select quantities.

Sneak Peak

Some more Knitpicks love, this time it is Gloss DK in Masala:



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