I didn’t intend to make this pattern. I bought it on a whim in a Tin Can Knits pattern sale and suggested it to a friend who was looking for a use for her stash of fingering yarn. And then I had a vision of Bonny in mohair. This delicate and practical top needed a halo, and so I scoured Ravelry for the perfect mohair. I have a thing for local yarns, so I settled on Sweet Georgia’s Silk Fog, which is a 72% silk/28%  mohair blend. Sweet Georgia makes another blend call Silk Mist (60% mohair/40% silk), but the halo on Silk mist would have thrown this project back into the early 2000s, style-wise.

Sweet Georgia Silk Fog

I craved a bright teal summer top, so I settled on Oceanside. For anyone buying this yarn, note that the mohair yarn colours are significantly different from Sweet Georgia the merino yarns. I had trouble making it into the studio (which closes at noon and is only open on weekdays), but it was worth it to settle on the right shade of blue.


The trouble was worth it, because it has the perfect blend and saturated colour I was looking for.

The next step was to alter Bonny, so it would adjust the pattern with my hips and bust in mind. I have large hips and small shoulders, so I have to be careful with anything “fitted”. The pattern calls for a straight stockinette from cast-on to the bust, but given my hips, I needed to (a) prevent rolling around the hem and (b) fit my small shoulders.

First, I added a garter stitch hem with splits on the side. The split gives it a slight better fit so it doesn’t pull and stretch around my hips. It turns out I’m not even the first person to do this modification.  Second, I added some shape to the waist. Here are my notes from Ravelry.

Waist shaping: Knit 1 inch of stockinette (8 rows after garter stitch side stitches are complete) and then setup markers as follows: knit 84 +28 pm knit 27 pm mark to end of round. Decrease every 4 rows as follows: knit to 2 stitches before marker then ssk, sm, knit to marker, k2t, sm, knit to end of round. repeat 7 times until stitch count equals 154. It is okay if this finishes after lace starts (it shouldn’t) because the waist decreases are on the back. Knit the rest as 1 size smaller. To others: This was worked as xs for the hips and then xxs, for the bust. If you want to make the same adjustments for different sizes, it you must recalculate the number of stitches.  A decrease  every 4 rows should work well, regardless of size.

The halo is lovely and gives this pattern a slightly more sophisticated finish. I’ve seen this top knit in many materials, including cotton and I love how choosing a different material completely changes its personality. I’d consider a different Mohair blend, because the silk makes this very top very delicate and doesn’t add much, except balancing the halo in the mohair. I’m wearing my Bonny below without a camisole underneath, but due to the lace, one is recommended in certain situations (like the office).


This project took about 1.8 skeins. Which means I have 1.2 skeins of beautiful mohair silk looking for a project. I’m dreaming of a mixed fiber scarf…. maybe Lilli Pilli?

Sneak Peak

Winter is coming…..



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