Designing a sweater – Part 1: Inspiration

I never knew my grandmother knit. My parents had me later in life, so I didn’t really get to know her, especially before she stopped knitting.  It wasn’t until I picked up knitting myself that my father started telling me about how my grandmother was perpetually knitting when he was a child. She didn’t have a swift or a ball winder, she had my dad. She sat in the back of their car in the 60’s, knitting through an entire cross-country road trip (one of the only vacations their family could afford). My dad describes her knitting as “falling off the needles”, because she was so fast. The last thing she every made was a beautiful sweater vest for my father, which he loves dearly.


This sweater vest is probably 30 years old at least. It is beautifully made and my dad wears it proudly, but he recently confessed that he didn’t like the rough acrylic it was made with.

My dad has been obsessed with possum wool for many years and when I found a LYS that carries a possum/merino blend, I knew what I needed to make. I chose a DK weight, instead of fingering like the original, to make it a little different. I don’t want to replace the vest, I want to make a comfortable tribute to it.


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