Getting Ready

I haven’t made much progress on any one project, but instead have been trying to get several projects to a good pause point for my impending PRK eye surgery. I have two projects that are just straight round stockinette stitch, no magic loop or anything. I don’t remember the last time that happened. Starting this afternoon, I’ll be knitting in the dark and listening to audio-books for several days (life lines in, I’m not that crazy).

Okay, WordPress keeps on moving the pictures. You’ll have to figure out which is which. 1. Christmas in July, just before I separated the sleeves. 2. Caterpillar Green ribbed socks. Currently blocking and beautiful.  3. Wrong side of the Christmas in July jumper. Isn’t is beautiful? 4. Crazy Wolle Roedel Strumpfollw in a crazy colour my husband picked out for himself on our last trip to Germany.

I suppose I made progress on my Caterpillar Green ribbed socks (in Tulips and Contrete colourway). A Tangled Yarn Knitter, I decided to set the dye in these CMN socks (cashmere, merino, nylon). The only change I made was using 3/4 tsp, since it is cashmere and set the power to 80% for 1:30 minutes (1100 W microwave). They survived and are now sitting in my blocking net. If I’m really lucky, they will be dry in time for my surgery.


I know that this works best before washing, but I thought I would at least try on my last pair of Caterpillar Greens, which are still vibrant but a little less saturated.

I really need to get a Gleener, that fuzz is killing me.

Sneak Peak

I have two projects that I finally brought out of hibernating, which I will have to put on hold again, but here is a little sneak peak. 1. My Favorite Things, about 50% complete. 2. Hedgehogs to go on a Christmas Wreath I started 2 years ago. 3. cute parrot after bath time. And by the time I can see again, I should have a charger for my good camera again. Phew. I’m waiting until then to show off a couple of special FOs from January.



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