It has been 10 days since my PRK surgery. It took a week before I felt like a functional human being again, but the recover itself has gone very well so far. No pain, no real discomfort (apart from a cold I had), just poor vision for a week. I did keep my eyes closed for about 2 days, but the second day was by choice. I managed to knit the entire body of my Christmas in July sweater, as well as started a hat. My eyes are not perfect yet (the scarring will take several weeks to fully heal), but I am happy with my progress. I can safely drive, but it’s easier not to. The only unexpected side effect: Since my vision isn’t perfect, I’ve been getting pretty car sick as a passenger.


Here are some quick pics of the WIP. Plus the yarn vomit that I will need to deal with. I keep my working yarn in a sock to keep it tidy, but it doesn’t always work….


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