Row Gauge or Round Gauge: when does it matter?

I wish I had seen this when I started knitting!

Tin Can Knits

This month we’re talking in depth about GAUGE, which is the size of your knitted stitches.  If you don’t know what a ‘swatch’ is, or what gauge really means, start by reading our blog post about all the basics of gauge and how to measure it and why it matters.  Then come back to this post and we’ll learn more!

Knitters sometimes come up against an issue when they have made a few swatches but can’t find a needle that will result in both the correct stitch gauge, and the correct row (or round) gauge in a given yarn.

Barley Hat by Tin Can KnitsFlax Pullover by Tin Can Knits

For example, our free Barley Hat and Flax Pullover patterns from The Simple Collection are designed for a gauge of 18 sts & 22 rounds / 4″ in stockinette stitch.  Some knitters, will make a swatch at 18 stitches in 4″, but when they measure the round gauge, they get…

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