A few gifts

I swear the yarn for this project doesn’t count against Cold Sheep. I made my mom a honey cowl a couple of years ago for her birthday and she wears it hiking up the mountain. Her hiking buddy was admiring it, so my mom (as polite as can be) asked if I would consider making one for her friend. I was happy to oblige and have an excuse to yarn shop (which my mom paid for). I chose some MadelineTosh DK in Fog and had fun making this cowl. I did 15 repeats of the pattern and the result is nice and airy. More information here. I tried my best to match the skeins of yarn, but the second half was significantly darker (you can really see it in the post-blocked picture). I like the resulting ombre effect, but I think my love affair with MadelineTosh is waning.

Now the next project might seem like a strange gift birthday gift for a woman who is turning 30 (a doctor, no less), but it is for a friend who I grew up with. She loved fairies and her room was full of pictures like these when we were growing up. I found this fabric in a remnant bin a couple of days ago and decided to make a little project bag for her (since she has several knitting projects on the go at any one time). I really liked this pattern and I think it might be my new go-to project bag pattern, now. See here for details. The only change I made was using my binding tape maker instead of ribbon or the method they suggested. I bought those binding tape makers on a whim to help with a little baby bonnet, and I am pleased to say I’ve actually used it a lot. My (frugal) friend said that if you find an inexpensive tool that will help you with a project, then just get it. It will be worth it. I totally believe it.



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