I did it again.

Nothing like a good lame 90’s joke to vent my frustration. Oh, I just looked it up and it was released in 2000. Man, that makes me feel even older.File 2016-03-24, 10 08 21 AM.jpeg

Well, I did the increases properly but I did not place the markers in the correct locations for the raglan increases. It would be perfect if one of my arms was bigger than the other, but alas….my arms are symmetrical.

File 2016-03-24, 12 43 23 PM

Frog take 2.

I did manage to finish a present for my father. He loves his tea and was looking at my cozy tea pot and declared he also needed a way to keep his tea warm. I made this felted tea cozy with a few modifications. Most importantly, I got rid of the button and buton flap and just joined to knit in the round. I felted it in my top-loading washing machine. It only took a few minutes. See the link for more information.



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