Bath Time

You may not know this about parrots, but they really like to bathe. Every once in a while, Helios will turn into a divining rod and guide us through the house to a sink, where he will splash around like a maniac.

The green blur at bath time

Tasha, though, prefers to bathe in a little bathtub in her cage. She loves bathing, but she won’t do it at just any time. She needs it to “rain”. Now rain doesn’t have to be real rain. As soon as you turn on a Youtube video of rain, she runs to her little bathtub and gets to work. Same goes for the vaccuum. Apparently sausages frying also sounds like rain to a little parrot brain.

The problem is with Tasha, is that she sometimes forgets that she has to go to her bath tub, so she ends up dry bathing on her perch. It’s adorable.


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