Itty Bitty Needles

I can’t believe how much I love these little 9″ needles. I was able to knit an entire leg of a sock after dinner and I’m almost done the first sock at the end of day two. At this rate, I’ll actually finish these socks for the Ravellenics challenge this year. Amazing!

File 2016-08-10, 12 13 36 PM.jpeg

I went through my favourite past projects and saw that I seem to prefer 2.5 mm needles for most of my socks. I chose the sharp points, because I know from experience that I really like the precision you can get with these tips. Careful, though, they’re sharp!

And the best part? I haven’t dropped a single DPN, pulled out half of a magic loop or caused any ladders! Worth it.

I guess I should note I am not affiliated with Hiya Hiya in anyway. I just really love these needles.


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