Ravellenics Roundup

I made a last minute decision to join the 2016 Ravellenics challenge for Team Canada. I’m so glad I did, because I got so much knitting done!


The obvious choice was the WIP Wrestling category. I had been working on the Cold Mountain shawl for over a month and it was becoming a struggle to pick up.  I finished it with two days to spare. This also used up two skeins of lace yarn for Cold Sheep. Win win. I am so in love with this shawl and it has been great in the late summer evenings.

This expressions is reflecting how I felt about the horrible Friday afternoon traffic leaving the city, not the shawl.

I decided to take my new 9″ needles for a spin with some pretty self striping yarn and cast on some plain socks so I had a dark knitting project on hand for the Sock Put category. I’ve never finished a pair of socks so quickly. Three days for each sock (when I say day, it was at most a couple of hours each evening).


My last minute entry was in Mitten Medley. My little nephew sent me the sweetest video requesting a pair of mittens from his favorite story about a knitting penguin. How could I say no? I couldn’t find a pattern, so I improved. I hope they fit and stay on his little hands!





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