If you were wondering…

…. If a ball of Knitpicks Felici has enough yarn to knit a pair of Rose City Rollers, it does. I had three grams left. Next time, I want to make them even a little smaller, because it is easy for them to slouch when they are so short.

This is the first time I didn’t match up the stripe colours, and I feel like a real rebel.



A while ago, I noticed what is probably a slipped stitch in a newly finished sweater.

Tayla had a clever solution: duplicate stitch! Thanks!

Here is the before and after. Not perfect, but pretty good. I suspect it will even loosen up a bit next time I block it.

Hello Again

Life has been crazy. Work has ramped up and I’m finding myself with little time. Well, I thought I was too busy, until I realized how much crafting I’ve been squeezing in. Not enough time to write about it, apparently, though.

So instead, here are some pictures of what I’ve been up to.


In no particular order:

  1. Clayoquot Hat (in Madelinetosh, from my colourwork class).
  2. Hamish socks and the Eye of Partridge Heel.
  3. Lifesavers completed
  4. Sea Stripes Shawl in Caterpillargreen yarn
  5. Penny Striped Tea for my first KAL
  6. Hand painted yarn on a rigid heddle loom
  7. Rose City Rollers in Felici

Dominant Colours

I recently took a colour work class and I learned so much that I just couldn’t figure out from youtube videos and blogs. The class was taught by Tin Can Knit’s Alexa and she was a wealth of knowledge.

One thing I kept reading about was choosing a “dominant colour”. When you knit two colours, one strand is carried on top and the other underneath. The colour that is carried underneath tends to “pop” a bit more in the final product. In the pictures below, the red arrows point to the dominant colour and the blue arrows point to the background colour.

You can really see the difference in the white. In the first section, the white is the dominant colour and in the second section, it is the background (just like Tin Can Knit’s original).

Not only did Alexa teach some valuable skills, but it was taught using her Clayoquot Hat, which was perfect since I plan on making the hat and cardigan later this year. Practice makers perfect!

Repurposed Balcony Planter

I have a pantry basket that is beautiful but much too big for my kitchen. I asked my sister if she wanted it, but she suggested that I make it into a planter instead. With 3 coconut liners, some soil and shade loving plants, we now have this beautiful basket on our veranda. If the lobelia in the bottom fails, I will try some ivy and coax it up the sides.IMG_0042

Sneak Peak

Almost done the first sock in a pair of Rose City Rollers. Woo!


Picking up stitches

I learned to knit searching for image tutorials in Google. I am pretty impatient, so I dislike watching YouTube videos because they are never as quick as I would like them to be. Anyway, due to this, I never learned how to pick up stitches correctly. For three years, I always used a crochet hook to pull loops through the side of the piece and then transfer them to a knitting needles. I finally decided to try a more literal “pick up stitches and knit”. Here is the result, in a short 9 second video for those who are as impatient as me. I still don’t know if this is the right way, but the results are the same as my previous crochet hook method and significantly faster.